Welcome to my am programmer and

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/~cardboard64/

Welcome to my gopherspace. I am a programmer and artist interested in
alternative networks and technologies. I make software, games and
videos. I also like tinkering with old tech and electronics.
This gopherspace is being built. Please come back very soon!

My phlog

RuGopher is a Ruby and FXRuby-based Gopher client. Features:
 * Good gopherspace support
 * Very light on ressources
 * Search
 * Bookmarks
 * Upcoming: History, back/forward


Download RuGopher.zip circumlunar.space:70/~cardboard64/RuGopher.zip

__ FILES __

Cyberpunk pictures

The attic

__ LINKS __

The Aether Fountains project

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