administered but tightly interconnect

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The Circumlunar Universe is a confederation of independently
administered but tightly interconnected public-access unix servers,
offering a place for creative, social and technical undertakings on
a non-commercial basis to anybody who is interested in distributed
digital communities built on traditional text-based technologies.
Participants in these communities call themselves sundogs.

Want to know more? Read the Circumlunar Universe FAQ

The Circumlunar Universe consists of colonies and outposts:
Circumlunar colonies represent stable, long-term projects intended to
attract significant userbases.  Colonies offer unix shell access, and
are a place to call $HOME.  Users on one colony can interact with
users on any other colony by exchanging email, chatting via a common
IRC network, or posting messages on a bulletin board whose contents
are mirrored across all colonies.  You are in some ways "closer" to
the users on your own colony, but for the most part you are joining
the same community no matter which colony you join.  If it helps, you
can think of them like the pubnix equivalent of Mastodon instances.
Current colonies:

Mare Crisium Soviet Socialist Regency

Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic

Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu

Circumlunar outposts are experimental projects run by individual
members of colonies.  They offer fewer services than colonies, and
generally do not come with the same expectations of long term
availability, regular maintenance or transparent administration.  An
outpost might literally be a RaspberryPi in somebody's basement.  It
might disappear next month, or it might run smoothly for years.
Outposts are a way for colony members to practice system
administration, experiment with interesting ideas, and provide
additional services to their fellow sundogs.  If you are a colony
member with an idea for an outpost, please contact solderpunk.
Current outposts:

The Red Consensus

Ryumin's Dome

Gemini server

 *  xmpp.circumlunar.space
Friends and allies
The Circumlunar Universe is one facet of an expanding universe of
small public access unix servers (dubbed "micropubnixes" by Zaibatsu
sundog cmccabe) and networks.  Admins of Circumlunar Colonies are
encouraged, but not required, to facilitate close relations with these
friends and allies, e.g. by allowing outgoing SSH connections to other
pubnix servers, accepting incoming finger connections from other
pubnix servers, permitting email exchange, etc.

Colorfield Space

Cosmic Voyage


Raw Text Club

Typed Hole