In addition to functioning as free

Found at: zaibatsu.circumlunar.space:70/software

Circumlunar Zaibatsu Software Forge
In addition to functioning as a free gopher hosting provider, the
Zaibatsu is also a small public access unix system.  A defining
characteristic of this system is that much of the software used by the
members for social interaction and other purposes is developed by the
members themselves, collaboratively and openly, on the system itself.
While only senior members can install software system-wide, *any* user
with shell access can clone the git repo for some tool on the system,
fix bugs or add features, and request their code be pulled into the
system-wide repo.
All software developed at the Zaibatsu is Free Software.  If you
decide to start your own public access unix system, you can install
our tools to get your community started quickly.
The following software has been developed here:

fellowsh - Tool for multi-user system fellowship


gigof - scripts for setting up and managing git-gopher accounts

gitpher - Generates gopher front-ends to git repos

lander - Ultralight HTTP daemon, serves a single hard-coded page

nago - shell script providing a simple command-line based Gopher client

schat - small/simple command line chat for local users

sharem - scripts for correctly setting permissions for sharing

spacelaunch - A multi-user take on the classic Unix steam locomotive (sl) prank.

telem - Lightweight client for file-based BBS