t's nearly that time of year again. Where I go through 25 hours in a row of

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It's nearly that time of year again. Where I go through 25 hours in a row of
playing video games in a row in an effort to raise money for charity, in this
case, Extra Life, which supports Children's Miracle Network hospitals around the
country. It's a fun event for a cause that I support, and I hope you'll join me.

To that end, I've set up a website (okay, one page of HTML) at
http://rejectedscreens.net that you can use to see the schedule, watch the
stream on November 3rd through the 4th via twitch.tv, and throw a couple of
dollars into the hat if you want to. (Donations are the goal, but even just
dropping into the chat to say, 'hi' goes a long way to keep us going through the
whole thing, especially since Daylight Saving Time ends during the event, giving
us an extra hour to plow through).

This will be my sixth year doing it, and each time has been better than the
last, which I think means that I'm getting better at doing this kind of thing.
Of course, this time I have new capture hardware that I'm going to try out the
first time, so that's pretty exciting, right? (And, by 'exciting', I mean
'terrifying', of course.) And I'm streaming it for proof that we actually did do
the whole marathon, but also so I can mine the livestream for interesting clips

I only have two real gripes with the event:

1. Since 'game day' is when most of the people that participate in the thing
play their games, I can't check out any of my friends that might be streaming at
the same time, and 

2. Since my 'local' CMN hospital is in the state capital, 200 miles away, there
aren't really that many people in my town that participate, and all of the
'guild events' that the 'local' chapter organizes take place up there on Sunday
afternoons, I can't make it to any of them. 

But those are minor quibbles, it's a fun event for a good cause, and if you can
join us, that would make my day, my night, my early morning, and then my day

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go make a list of the games we'll be playing
so what everyone knows when to tune in for their favorite. (Hint: You'll want to
tune in for the entire thing, and play along at home).