Hi,m an old Gopher

Found at: whitemesa.net:70/about.txt


I'm an old Gopher fan and this site lets me indulge in some
nostalgia and serve up info related to amateur radio operating
and other retro-tech topics.

The server is the White Mesa Gopher "node-gopher" server which
I developed for use on Windows or Linux operating systems.
It is implemented as a node.js service with source code available
on this gopher site.

It is RFC 1436 compliant and supports CGI applications per 
RFC 3875, with enhancements to suit a Gopher service. Gophermaps,
"link" and "name" files are supported. The mapping of file name
extensions to gopher item types can be controlled in the 
configuration file (along with many other operating parameters).
The server log follows the NCSA Common log format, with URL 
replaced by gopher selector. A CGI error log is also provided. 
Log rotation is automatic with a configurable rotation interval. 

In the future I hope to have more dynamic ham radio related links
like the Space Weather reports.


Bob NW8L