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   Toki Pona Flashcards, (vernunftzentrum.de), 08/13/2018
I added  a new  section on  this gopher  hole for  Toki Pona
learning resources[1].  The first two items  added include a
text file will all of the base Toki Pona words (a dictionary
file,) and a bash script that  will quiz you on the contents
of the text file. Both are simple text files, and very self-
explanatory if you look at them.
While I enjoy a "flashcard" type experience, I don't like it
for the first level of learning.  I like it to test and keep
fresh, but  I don't  like it for  memorizing. So,  I'll keep
this script  tucked away until  I complete day 12/12  of the
memorization  process.  Hopefully  the flashcards,  at  that
point, will help me really solidify things.
[1] gopher://vernunftzentrum.de:70/1/tfurrows/resources