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      Toki Pona, (vernunftzentrum.de), 07/20/2018
Some unexpected medical expenses  coupled with a shortage of
time  mean I  haven't purchased  the  Toki Pona  book and  I
haven't worked on learning yet. This is not good!
The solution, for now, is  to spend some time memorizing the
120 basic  words in  the language. I've  printed off  a copy
from tokipona.net, which I'm going to set to work learning.
At  one point,  years ago,  I  memorized a  large number  of
French vocabulary words daily. I was living in France at the
time, and had plenty of opportunity to use the language as I
learned it, which helped a lot. My method for memorizing was
 - Create lists of 10 words at at time I wished to memorize.
 Say  the word  and  the  meaning, write  the  word and  the
 meaning in  two columns, read  aloud what I wrote.  Read it
 out loud several times, until I think I've got the 10 words
 down. Cover  the definition column and  attempt to re-write
 it  from  memory. Cover  the  word  column and  attempt  to
 re-write it from memory. Always speaking out loud (which is
 important for my learning style.)
 - When reading  in the new language, write  down every word
 or phrase that I don't  fully understand, and look them up.
 Use those words to feed the vocabulary learning list.
 - When a word or phrase  is forgotten, re-learn it the same
 way again.
It worked for  me then. I am hopeful that  it will work for 
me now. With  French, I tried to learn 10  new words a day. 
At 10 words a day, Toki Pona would go quickly.              
You have  to have  a goal, so  my goal will  be to  learn 10
words per  day for the  next 12 days,  all 120 words  in the
basic dictionary.  I had a  lot less  life on my  plate back
when I was learning French, so we'll see how this works.