ve been busy with a

Found at: vernunftzentrum.de:70/tfurrows/phlog/2018-06-28_theBook.txt

I've been busy with a cross-country move, but things are 
starting to calm down, and projects/hobbies are coming back 
into focus.
One thing that I want to work on is getting my "general" ham 
radio license. I should have done it years ago. When I got 
my technician license, I used the printed manual to study, 
and did a few practice tests online before taking the actual 
test. Mostly though, the book is what did it for me.
Another thing that I want to work on is Toki Pona. To me, it 
seems like a valuable exercise in language learning. I'm 
hoping it will help me with some mental blocks in learning 
Spanish. It looks fun also, and that's enough for me.
I'm thinking that a printed book might be the best way to go 
for me. There is something about it that is easier. I know 
there is the original book- I don't know if there are any 
others. I'm going to look, hopefully early next week, and 
see if there is one that I could order.
If that doesn't work out, or if I don't get around to it, 
I'm going to at least continue the lessons online that I 
found, and try to start reading and writing.