Dear my life since the last

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Dear reader!
my life since the last posts. For one I have intensified my under-
The current two poems are:
ali li pona.
ona li moku e kili
kili li ike
nanpa wan sike
la pipi lili li moli
Also besides that I am in the process to translate the children's
book 'Lauren Ipsum' [1] into german. I will probably ask some of you
for advice and proof reading but since this is most likely a highly
llegal activity under copyright law and others I will do it in
Another thing is that I have been keeping a looong reading list
use my lunch break to get done some reading. The work place features
But I don't have the time and energy to do a lot for that
'Muffin' and as soon as I learn how to publish monticello packages, I
transactions updating themselves life! It's magic!
Smalltalk is also the first environment where I have seen Test Driven
Development to actually work. I blame the tight integration of test
On a personal note I am no longer an amazon customer. Amazon has forced
me out of their service. A couple of weeks ago all my orders have been
flagged as suspicious activity. Noone could tell me why this has happened.
The same payment method has been working since I first bought from Amazon in 2000.
They suggested using a credit card as payment method, which I refused
and so they told me I could get pre-paid vouchers in shops instead.
So after getting that poor proposal I immediately cancelled my
The effects on that? Well I have found other resellers that will not
'amazon' written on it. My local bookstore gets books faster for me
than amazon. And for most stuff I don't pay shipping costs.
So thanks for that move Amazon, my money is probably spent better
elsewhere. And it is more comfortable too.
[0]: gopher://vernunftzentrum.de:70/0/ckeen/toki-musi.txt
[1]: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13073554-lauren-ipsum
[2]: gopher://cosmic.voyage:70/
[3]: https://github.com/tom95/Pheno