Damn,s really bugging me

Found at: uninformativ.de:70/twitpher/2020-02/2020-02-14.txt

Damn, it's really bugging me that Golang (and Rust) are creating such
huge binaries. It's just hard for me to accept this.
I'm aware that dynamic linking has issues. I'm also aware that my
`libc-2.31.so` is of similar size than a simple Go binary.
Still, it's holding me back. See, I'd like to use a modern language like
Go or Rust for a lot of things in my `~/bin` or for projects like
`explain` or `gitary`. But they're so clunky. And I'd end up with
several hundred MB of binaries with a lot of duplicate code.
This doesn't feel right.
Don't tell me that hard drives are cheap these days.