Topics of the and SSL.

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  Topics of the day: IPv6 and SSL.
  IPv6:  Since  December  2012,  I've been using an IPv6 tunnel using my
  server on the internet as a gateway. Back  then,  using  SSH  was  the
  easiest  option.[1] But it was so ugly that I never actually published
  my code. Today, I refurbished the whole  thing  --  using  OpenVPN.[2]
  It's  interesting  to  see  that  quite a lot of web pages are already
  accessible  via  IPv6.  I  monitor  that  using  the   Firefox   addon
  SSL: I set up HTTPS for my web server. I'm well aware that SSL is kind
  of broken and does not provide real security.  But  it's  better  than
  nothing.  I use certificates signed by CAcert for two reasons: I don't
  want to pay (see also [4]) and I like the idea of a community project.
  Sure,  distributions  are  removing  CAcert from their trust stores. I
  have no idea why because very obscure CAs are  still  included.  Maybe
  I'll switch to StartSSL if CAcert turns out to be too much hazzle.
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