On I ranted about systemd

Found at: uninformativ.de:70/twitpher/2012-09/2012-09-03.txt

  On  2012-05-28,  I ranted about systemd here. Today, I installed it on
  my netbook. Well, actually, it has been  installed  longer  than  that
  because  it  has  become  a  dependency of other packages but today, I
  started using it.
  There is no way around it. Everyone is pushing towards  systemd.  I'll
  *have*  to  learn  how  to use systemd, so I might as well start right
  now.  Furthermore, I'm unable to get my printer and scanner working on
  OpenBSD.  My  plan  was  to  either completely switch to OpenBSD or to
  stick to Linux. So...
  I still don't see any advantage in using systemd. It's complex but not
  as  complex  as I expected (regarding configuration). Plus, it appears
  that you can still run a minimalistic setup! I hope it stays that way.
  If  GNOME  depended  on  systemd,  I  couldn't care less -- if systemd
  depended on GNOME, I'd probably shoot myself. ;-)