I owned some good ear

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  I  *once*  owned  some  good  in-ear headphones. Of course, they broke
  after some years. I never found headphones like that again. They  were
  some cheap ones, I don't even know the manufacturer.
  Today,  I  bought  a pair of Sennheiser MX 271. Boy, that's what I was
  looking for.
    1.  Only 10 euro.
    2.  Reasonable sound quality. They aren't studio headphones but they
        sound good. No "tinny" crap.
    3.  Comfortable  to  wear.  It's  a "special design" for small ears.
        Well, I guess they're just some millimetres smaller than regular
        in-ear headphones.
    4.  A  black  cable.  Why the hell are there so many headphones with
        *white* cables?
    5.  A long cable.
    6.  An angled plug.
  I guess I'll buy some more tomorrow. Just in case.