Since currently has some I

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  Since  luakit[1] currently has some issues[2], I had to switch back to
  Firefox a while ago. For some time, I used plain Firefox  without  any
  major plugins.
  Today, I gave pentadactyl[3] a try.  It's a fork of vimperator[4].
  Browsing  the  Web  with  a vim-like interface is so damn nice. It's a
  pity that no major browser comes with that by default. Sigh.
  Been playing with groff a little bit. Found this[5]  thread.   There's
  still a lot of things for me to learn regarding *roff. Nice!
  A  forum  I regularly visit offers a chat system. There's two links on
  that website, one for a "web-chat" and another one for IRC. I  blindly
  assumed  that  this  "web-chat" is something like a Java IRC client or
  whatever. Just something that allows the average user to access IRC.
  Far from it.
  It's a so called "ajax-chat". The server  is  written  in  PHP  and/or
  Ruby. It stores all messages in a MySQL database. The client that runs
  in the users's  web  browser  requires  JavaScript  and  cookies.  For
  transmission  of chat messages, XML is used -- and all content is sent
  as CDATA. Thank god that Adobe Flash is optional. There's no other way
  to access that chat unless you use a web browser.
  The developer's website emphasizes: The ajax-chat is protected against
  SQL injections and XSS!
  For god's sake, this is a *chat*!  Not  only  did  they  reinvent  the
  wheel, they also used unneccessary and bloated technologies...
  Why  this  migration  from  native  programs to "everything inside the
  browser"? Because it's "easier" for the average user? Sigh...
  End of rant.
  1. http://luakit.org/projects/luakit/
  2. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1052373#p1052373
  3. http://dactyl.sourceforge.net/
  4. http://vimperator.org/vimperator
  5. http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/groff/2005-07/msg00059.html