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Found at: tilde.town:70/~endorphant/feels/20170223.txt


hi! i'm so glad people are using ttbp. i haven't had a lot of time to keep up
with posts or working on new code, but here i am, i guess. a few months back, i
started writing up a longer post about ttbp, and never really finished it (*),
but i still wanted to say hi, so here's a few quick notes that i'm thinking

* if you are interested in trying out a privacy feature, you can edit a file at
  ~/.ttbp/config/nopub to list files that will be ignored for writing to html
  (check out mine at ~endorphant/.ttbp/config/nopub for reference); i intend to
  actually write this into the interface someday, i just haven't had much time
  to work on ttbp code lately.

* IRC users: i made #ttbp; i'm not sure what it will be for yet, but there's
  been interest in a channel for announcing new posts (which i would want to
  make opt-in per user), general discussion about feels engining, dev
  chatter/feedback, etc. i dunno, it's there now, come hang out :)

* i'm logging issues/wip/thoughts on
  [github](https://github.com/modgethanc/ttbp/issues), in case you want to
  check in on what i've been thinking about, or contribute. you are, of course,
  always welcome to send me mail on ~town or through the ttbp feedback menu.


(*): if you're curious about it, the draft is at