the days are growing i

Found at: tilde.town:70/~endorphant/feels/20160907.txt

*the days are growing shorter; i always feel a desire for the long, lonely path.
winter will pass, but i do not want to waste another season.*



stuff i'm thinking about, now that we're seeing more bugs/glitches:

  * a post/list displayer that lets you scroll through long lists, instead of
  just running everything off the page.
    * i really want to have a slick curses interface, but i haven't made much
      progress on figuring that out. i have some pagination code that i could
      kludge in from another project, but then i'd have to figure out an
      elegant way to capture commands
  * figure out how to deal with filenames and edit times being out of sync
    * currently, ttbp uses last edit time to handle display order; maybe have
      it check to see if the edit time date doesn't match the filename spec,
      and always have it list as if it was last edited on the date of the
  * handle global feels listing more elegantly
    * this is a major scaling issue that i'm paying for now because i was lazy
      several months ago. the way global feels is sorted, ttbp goes through and
      finds every single ttbp entry ever, then sorts them by last modified
      time, then takes the top 10. this happens *every* time someone calls
      global feels. a much better way to do this would be to maintain a file on
      disk that list the path for the ten most recent posts, which gets updated
      whenever someone updates a post, and then have global feels query that.
    * the problem with *that* is that it will then *definitely* miss posts that
      weren't written through the ttbp interface, and i don't want to exclude
      people who might just want to write entries in their ~/.ttbp/entries
      through a text editor outside of ttbp.

i'm starting to feel a little over my head with working on this; if anyone else
has feedback or thoughts, especially for code stuff (but just general comments
are great, too), please drop me a line! tildemail or pm on irc is probably the
best way to get a hold of me right now, since i'm a little more ephemeral here
than usual.

as always, thanks for sharing your feels.


oh, for new folks: ~endorphant/bin/ttbp-beta exists :)