my most recent commit message,

Found at: tilde.town:70/~endorphant/feels/20160521.txt

*my most recent commit message, mostly to myself:*

**more documentation updates**

holy crap! here i am, about a decade and a half after my first Formal
Instruction in programming, and i suddenly understand code
documentation. part of this is that sometimes i stare at functions
forgetting why they're there, or start writing a function with the
distinct feeling that i'm typing code i've already typed before, and
realize that maybe there's a better way.

so i skimmed code from other people that i've used in my own repos, and
lifted the general gist of their commenting style while doing things
that feel right to me. i still don't know exactly how i like things, but
i'm learning. this is the best way i learn things.

then. then! i learned that i can just pydoc any of my modules and pydoc
will generate literally the same thing that i read when i pydoc other
module! what. WHAT. this is amazing. i feel like a real person. i
understand where those docs come from now, and how to make them myself.

i'm learning so much.

why does this feel so amazing.

all of this is in a commit message that i'm going to fire off into the
sun but i just need to put this out there because this feels important.

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