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Another day, another parts order
February 05th, 2019
With daycare closed last Friday, and family time on the weekend, I
didn't get much time to work on the truck over the past several days.
Come Monday, I still didn't have a ton of motivation to tinker on
things, but I did go out and take inventory of what parts I need to
replace before the truck is ready to be driven again. Here's a list of
the latest order.
- Heater Hoses, Clamps, and fitting
- Aluminum Heater Core
- Felt dust covers for crank cross shaft
- Front and Rear Motor Mounts
- Clutch Fork Boot
- Radiator draincock - I got the radiator rodded but the draincock was
- Flywheel Inspection Cover
- Spark Plug wire set
I still need to track down a few things
- Oil filler cap
- Breather tube grommet
- Battery Cable (maybe)
- Column shifter rubber boot
- Possibly a carb fuel pump plunger - I've read these dry out but I
  recently replaced it and I think it will still be supple. Need to
- New vacuum line and fuel line
- Possibly a new water temp sender and wire
With my leave from work drawing to a close, I'm not sure how much
farther I'm going to get on the project. I've told my wife that I'm
stressed about not being able to carve out time to finish, and I'm
really eager to get the truck back on the road. But I also want to do
things right and get the engine bay cleaned up and pained, as this is
going to be so much easier to do with the engine out.
I'm still on the fence about whether I am going to pull the front
clip. I don't really have the space to do this, but might be able to
swing it for a long weekend to strip, paint, install engine, and
reassemble. Installing the engine/trans as one connected piece is
going to be infinitely easier with the front clip pulled, so I should
probably just do it.
I do feel like this project has turned into death by a thousand cuts.
But it will be really rewarding when the truck is back on the road
with a brand new engine.
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