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Engine Build
January 28th, 2019
I don't really know what people typically put in their phlogs, but I
intend to use this as a log of my engine rebuild, or various other
projects. Occasionally I will likely write about something else.
Today, my wife returned from Pennsylvania, so I only had a few hours
to myself to get anything done for the engine. I installed the
pertronix electronic ignition kit into the distributor. It was really
easy. A few screws, and it pops right in. I also painted the ignition
coil and mounting bracket flat black. After a run to the grocery
store, I'm going to try to sneak out again for a bit. I'd like to
actually get something installed on engine today. I'm thinking of
blowing some compressed air through the manifold to blow out any
residual blasting sand and gunk, and then bolting it up. Before I do
that, I need to head to Ace to pick up a few more Grade 8 bolts. I was
intending on mounting the distributor today, since I got it cleaned
up, but my gasket kit is missing (or I lost) the felt distributor
gasket. NAPA has one in another location and is shipping it to the
store for me tomorrow.
Update 1 - I was able to mount the manifold. It looks great, but one
of the studs is a little short. I'm tempted to take it back off,
remove the two studs, replace them with new ones, and button it
back up, but I will probably just leave it be.
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