Burrow July th,Hello Team,

Found at: tilde.team:70/~tomasino/phlog/20180715-burrow-v1-6-0.txt

Burrow v1.6.0
July 15th, 2018

Hello Team,

I'm using this account on tilde.team to push the boundaries of
what my shell scripts can do. My gopher helper, burrow, has just
released v1.6.0 thanks to requests from @ben. You can now run
"burrow root" to edit your root gophermap.

Gophermap syntax is tricky, especially on some of the more strict
servers like motsognir. While @ben is running Gophernicus, it's
important that burrow be stable in any environment. As such,
gophermaps that it generates will all strictly fit the protocol

What does that mean for "burrow root"?

It means that any comment lines you have (i.e., lines of text that
are meant for description, not linking elsewhere) will be defined
by ItemType "i". If you look at the raw source for my root
gophermap you'll see that every text line begins with an i and
ends with several tabs and the server name and port. This is the
strict requirement from the specs. Gophernicus doesn't require
that you do that because it'll automatically generate the extra
gibberish for you if you have a line that starts with anything
that's not a number and no tabs.

Even so, all that formatting is awful for actually writing. That's
where burrow helps. When you edit a gophermap with burrow, whether
your root gophermap or a phlog, recipe, or topic entry (if you
have "usegophermap" set to true) it will automatically strip out
all the "i" prefixes and the tabbed stuff at the end while you
edit. Once you save the file all of that stuff will be
re-generated and inserted on disk.

The only lines that will be ignored are ItemType entries with
tabs. Those could be type 0-9, h, +, G, I, T, or s. Any of those
will be completely ignored when opening and saving your files.

If you haven't given burrow a chance yet, fire it up and see what
you can do. "burrow edit-config" will open up your personal
configuration file. If you don't have one, "burrow create-config"
will generate you a boilerplate. Fix the paths to point to your
folders and choose the settings that are right for you.

If you have any questions, find me in tilde.chat in #team.