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Found at: tilde.team:70/~dkter

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other places you can find me:

~dkter on https (less cool)


wow i found a public_html on one of my university's servers

hello there! i'm david. i sometimes do things.
this is my space on the internet, conveniently using a protocol that nobody knows about.
i like programming, hecking around with computers, and playing Scrabble. in general i have no idea what i'm doing at any given point.
since you're cool enough to be using gopher, you've earned my contact info in my book. here are some links:


mastodon (smol acct)



xmpp: dkter@ed1.club
ISC (Internet Scrabble Club): initializi
i also often hang around on the tildeverse irc, using the nick dkter or dkter1. if you can't decide how to contact me, i'm a big fan of matrix.
if you want my contact info for anything else, contact me using any of the methods listed above, but i do prefer the ones i've listed
other things:

nonfree.news archive

here's the rest of my gopher hole. it's pretty empty now, but i might add more things later!


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