May Life is even with the

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# Stuff n' Stuff
**12 May 2020**
Life is busy, even with the continuous threat of covid-19 here in out
every day lives. I've been spending a lot more time at home, because my
job has limited my work days to every 1 in 3. This means my wife expects
me to keep busy while I'm here at home. I've been slogging away at a bunch
of yard projects I've been putting off. I finally finished the front fence
and now only have to knock out the back portion.
On a software front, I think the bird nest camera is sort of done, but I
am worried about ensuring everything it waterproof. I put the pi zero in
a waterprrof electrical box, but the one opening was designed for a round
electrical cable, not a flimsy flat ribbing cable that the camera uses.
Alos, I haven't figured out how to protect the battery pack. At least it
doesn't rain salt water.