m slowly my way through

Found at: tilde.club:70/~iolfree/phlog/12-July-2022_gee-whizz.txt

I'm slowly 'burrowing' my way through 
gopherspace. Remember it's the slow internet and everything must
be done as slowly as possible.

I have a tilde club account. When I saw they had added a public_gopher 
directory I thought 'gee whizz'. I read a bit about the folklore.
I think that my phlog should be whimsical and be Mystical/ Calm/ Soothing/ 
an oasis of tranquility. That's the type of style I want
like some wise man from the East. One way would be to use a bit
of Irish language which is quite otherworldly.
I mght go 
"your humble servant iolfree"