Binary releases are usually better

Found at: suika.erkin.party:70/gophwr/releases

gophwr releases
Note: Binary releases are usually outdated. It's better to install
Racket and setup gophwr directly. See the guide for details.


 How to use:
% bin/gophwr [--tls] [address]

v0.5.6 [4,98M tarball]

v0.5.5 [4,98M tarball]

Previous versions:

v0.5.2 [5,33M tarball]

v0.5.0 [5,33M tarball]

v0.3.4 [5,31M tarball]

v0.3.2 [5,30M tarball]

v0.3.0 [5,27M tarball]

v0.2.2 [5,27M tarball]

v0.1.0 [7,47M tarball]

Releases contain 64-bit Linux binaries dynamically linked against
bundled Racket libraries.
Depends on libcrypto and libssl for TLS and GTK for GUI.

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