How to run After installing

Found at: suika.erkin.party:70/gophwr/guide.txt

* How to run
After installing (see below):
% gophwr [--tls] [address]
Alternatively, run this in the repo to try it without installing:
% racket src/main.rkt [--tls] [address]

* How to install
With Racket:
% raco pkg install --user git://github.com/erkin/gophwr.git
With Nix:
% git clone git://github.com/erkin/gophwr.git
% cd gophwr
% nix-build

* Configuration
Copy assets/gophwr.rktd in the repo to your Racket preferences
You can find your Racket preferences directory by running
(find-system-path 'pref-dir) in the REPL.
You can omit values you don’t care about and superfluous values will be
silently ignored (as well as comments beginning with a semicolon).

* Keybindings
C-q: Exit
C-s: Save page
C-l: Focus address field
C-f: Find in page
M-left: Go back
M-right: Go forward
M-home: Go home
F5: Refresh

* Tips & Tricks
 o Put up a bookmarks page on your gopherhole and set that as your
homepage for quick access. (Or use mine: gopher.erkin.party/1/links)
 o On GNU/Linux, you can associate gophwr with the gopher URL scheme.
Make sure gophwr is in $PATH, then simply put the assets/gophwr.desktop
file in the repo into $XDG_DATA_HOME/applications. Try it with this:
% xdg-open gopher://suika.erkin.party/1/gophwr
 o Saving a directory listing page will save the parsed form of the
menu. To see (and save) the raw form, replace the selector field in
the URL with /1/ with /0/.

* Libraries
gophwr needs lib{crypto,ssl}.{so,dll,dylib} for TLS connections.
On systems besides Windows and macOS, if your system has GTK 3, Racket
will try to use that. Otherwise it will fall back to GTK 2. To force it 
to use GTK 2, set the environment variable $PLT_GTK2.