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Banner generator for main page footer

Crimbo themed /etc/issue file

My modified Dvorak layout


Holidays for Emacs calendar

Holidays for CAL

Discordian holidays for calendar(1)


Blinkenlights [76K PNG]

Comparison of e-mail providers

(Outdated) price comparison of fountain pens

(Informal) glossary of Kobaïan language

ASCII Keyboard

;The Manifesto [5,6M MP4]	/files/manifesto.mp4	suika.erkin.party	70

CirnOS login banner

Wallpapers (authorship unknown):

Collection of tiling wallpapers

117 XPM files [436K tarball] suika.erkin.party:70/files/xpm.tar.gz

159 XBM files [136K tarball] suika.erkin.party:70/files/xbm.tar.gz

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