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My name is Lulu Cathrinus Grimalkin and I’m from Istanbul, Turkey.
I sometimes go by the nom de clavier ‘erkin’ on IRC, mailing lists,
BBSes and newsgroups.

A maid‐of‐all‐work, I dabble in nilly‐willy lispy  *nixy  sysfroggy
funcproggy  esolangy  sorta  jive  as  a journeyman Unix weenie and
mangle myself some conlangs for great good, with  an  affinity  for
word‐salad bulldada.  Simples.

My  non‐tech academic interests are cognitive science, linguistics,
political philosophy and literature.

Alcohol is my favourite secular hobby.  I am a  homebrewer  and  an
avid enthusiast of beer, gin and whisky.

I  surf  the  sneakernet  on  a  quasi‐daily  basis  to  engage  in
meditative psychogeography.

                          Religion & Junk

My holyname is Jephthah Arepo Fohat Faustroll al‐Hallaj (KSC).
I am also known as Mx Xochitl QuadraScan, Princess‐in‐Exile  Etaoin
Malebolge V and Reverend Anura Hiacinto Rosenkreuz.
I  am  a  proud  adhocratic  aspheterist,  as well as a disordained
neoist hereticaster of the Church  of  Subgenius  and  a  defrocked
Discordian  Archbishop  of  the  Prefecture  of  Micklegarth (twice
excommunicated, thrice refenestrated), belonging to the Grand Order
of   Maldoror‐Sandosa   as   the  Propreantepenultimate  Archon  of
Semiurge,  with  a  doktoral  unlicence  to  practise  ailurophilic

Only one of the following is true about me:
  am the witch‐doctor of a Situationist cult,
  lead an underground psychonautical research team,
  operate a revolutionary sleeper cell in a bunker,
  run a peyote farm and an absinthe distillery,
  am the abbot of a clandestine hackerspace phrontistery,
  inhabit a heterotopian phalanstery‐cum‐sanatorium.

                    Long live Emperor Norton I!

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