The Mare Crisium Soviet Socialist R

Found at: soviet.circumlunar.space:70/signup.gph

   How to sign up for an account at The Soviet
 The Mare Crisium Soviet Socialist Regency is a public-access Unix
 system offering shell access for personal and non-commercial use.
 Before asking for an account on The Soviet, please read:

Principles and Organisation of The Soviet

Frequently Asked Questions about The Soviet

 and be sure you agree with what is written in there.
 To request an account on this server, please send an email to KatolaZ
 (katolaz at freaknet dot org), using the subject "Soviet new user
 account", and including your *public* SSH key in attachment. Please be
 sure to attach your *public* SSH key, not the private one. If you don't
 know how to generate an SSH key, then find it out and come back when you
 have one. You will usually receive a reply to your request within one or
 two days, containing information on how to login and use the system.
 The owner of an account is the sole responsible for the content
 published from that account and for the actions performed by that user.
 The Union reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account upon
 evident breach of the Principles of the Soviet, detailed above.
 There are no backups, except for system-related files, so you are on
 your own on that front.
 For current users in Zaibatsu and Republic: we are enforcing a
 "no-dual-citizenship" policy, meaning that a user can have an account
 on only one of the three colonies. This is in the interest of fairness,
 and indeed there is no point into having multiple accounts, since the
 users of the three colonies share access to the common text-based BBS,
 to the internal email system, and to all the software developed in the
 wide circumlunar.space system.
 Nevertheless, if you really want to move your account on The Soviet,
 the admins will help you migrate your data.

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