The Mare Crisium Soviet Socialist R

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 The Mare Crisium Soviet Socialist Regency (The Soviet) is one of the
 colonies in the circumlunar.space universe. There other two sister
 colonies are:

The Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic

The Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu

 The Soviet is a non-commercial public-access Unix server (pubnix)
 offering shell account and gopher/gemini hosting to anyone who asks, at
 no cost. The colony is inspired by the principle of "Small Internet":

read "The Small Internet Manifesto" (by spring)

read "Pubnix as an ecosystem" (by KatolaZ)

 and is federated with other pubnix systems administered by like-minded
 Anybody with an interest for Unix systems and the intention to
 participate to the life of a small community by sharing resources and
 knowledge is welcome to sign-up for an account:

More information about signing up for an account

 In particular, if you are interested in publishing your stuff through
 gopher/gemini and/or in sharing knowledge and experience with other
 fellow Unix enthusiasts, then this is the right place for you.
 The server is running OpenBSD and provides a multi-user, full-featured,
 text-based Unix environment, intended for development, publication of
 content (e.g., gopher pages, phlogs, gemini capsules, etc.), and
 collaboration.  The focus of the colony is on use and development of
 minimalist Unix software and simple Internet protocols, on sharing
 knowledge and resources, and on improving the environment for the joy of
 the colony members and of the wider circumlunar universe.

More information about Principles and Organisation of The Soviet

Frequently Asked Questions about The Soviet

 Due to the limited amount of resources available, and to ensure that the
 members of the colony can establish meaningful relationships with other
 fellow members, the maximum number of colony members is set to 48.
 All the colony members get a shell account with a Base Disk Quota (BDQ)
 initially set to 100MB, where they can host a gopherspace and/or a
 gemini capsule. The BDQ will be periodically reviewed by The Union and
 increased appropriately, for all the members of The Soviet, according to
 the level of activity and collaboration observed in the colony. Due to
 the imposed restrictions on personal resources, lightweight and simple
 software is preferred to heavy and bloated alternatives. Colony members
 can participate to the wider circumlunar.space community by means of
 shared BBS, inter-server email, and a private IRC network.

More information about software available at The Soviet

 The focus of The Soviet is on simple protocols and applications. In
 particular, members of the colony can publish material via gopher or
 gemini, but they *do not have a web space*. If you are looking for a
 place where to host your webpages, then this system is not for you.
 Outbound connections are heavily restricted by a firewall that allows
 only a scant list of protocols towards a selection of other pubnix
 systems. If you are looking for a place from which to send spam, seed
 torrents, port-scan other machines, scrap websites, etc., then this
 system is not for you.
 The Soviet is maintained and administered by KatolaZ.

More information about Principles and Organisation of The Soviet

More information about signing up for an account

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