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                  CWONDR, another Morse/CW project // 18-7-14

   In the past years, I've been asked less and less what I'd wish for
   birthday (coming soon), probably because I've always replied "nothing I
   can think of" in recent years. This has changed, but nobody can give me
   what I wish for, because it does not exist, AFAIK.

   I want a low-power, pocket-sized CW transceiver for the 430 MHz (70 cm)
   band, and I want it for all radio amateurs who love Morse code. It
   would be kind of CW fan's cellphone, except without cells, because it's
   meant for direct contacts of course. This _must_ be possible, but it
   looks like nobody is selling it. Therefore I've decided to start my own
   project, clumsily named [1]CWONDR as git repository. It's mainly just a
   wishlist, for now.

   In addition, after years of hesitation (procrastination?) I finally
   managed to apply for membership in the [2]Helvetia Telegraphy Club, in
   the hope of finding like-minded people, also for my other Morse project
   called [3]AMBroS which is in state of infancy since about fifteen
   years. Yeah, what a shame!

   I guess I'm starting to be old enough to sense the looming end of my
   presence on Earth, but if this fear finally gets me moving my a.. it's
   welcome! ^-^



   1. http://github.com/hb9kns/cwondr
   2. http://htc.ch/
   3. http://github.com/hb9kns/ambros