gopherlog mirror solderpunk has set

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/yargo/glog/t18218-gopher-mirror.txt

                          gopherlog mirror // 18-3-18

   solderpunk has set up a [1]private gopher server and generously allowed
   me to have there [2]my own gopherhole.

   After having tinkered around a bit with the system over there, I have
   extended my "plogsync" script to include pushing of my glog/phlog into
   my gopherhole on solderpunk's server. Therefore whenever I add an entry
   here on SDF, it should quickly show up there as well. We'll see with
   this post whether it really works!

   Thanks for taking care, solderpunk, and letting me into your

   I returned back home from Bilbao, somewhat tired but well; guess it was
   worth it, though. Now back to business/private life as usual!



   1. gopher://circumlunar.space/
   2. gopher://circumlunar.space/1/~yargo