Acer Aspire ONE and BSD

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                       Acer Aspire ONE and BSD // 18-2-17

   Today I "inherited" from my stepfather an Acer Aspire ONE laptop, where
   he had had Win7 _shudder_ installed. It's old and small and smelly,
   because he's a heavy smoker. I have another item of the same model, but
   running "Linpus" Linux which is completely outdated from 2010 or so.
   Thanks to the smell, I will always know which one is which...

   I intend to purge the poor thing from its horrific sinful state by
   lovingly flogging it with OpenBSD. I was considering also FreeBSD or
   NetBSD, but having read [1]pet84rik's post, I guess OpenBSD might be
   the safer bet, as I would like to get WiFi working on it.

   The battery is totally worn out, but spare ones still are available
   online. If I can get OpenBSD working, it might be worth spending the
   money, because I could use the battery for my Linux model as well.

   Now I'd just need some quiet hours on a rainy weekend. Haha.

   _UPDATE 18-2-23_

   This post was sitting in my drafts, while this week I was very busy
   mainly due to a broken ultrapure water supply system at work -- and a
   dozen of other +/- urgent things.

   But I manage to get OpenBSD installed, at least the basic system.
   What's lacking now is connectivity, i.e working re0 and ath0. Maybe
   I'll find time this weekend. Wish me luck!



   1. gopher://sdf.org/0/users/pet84rik/phlog/FEB18/Feb16-current