Pee s a somewhat funny

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                              Giga-Pee (17-11-14)

   Here's a somewhat funny and completely useless piece of thinking. One
   of these days, my older son asked me whether at any second, somebody is
   going to the loo. I answered yes, and certainly a lot more than only
   one person. Then it got me thinking.

   If we assume there are 7.6 billion (7.6E9) people on earth, everybody
   has to pee 3 times a day, and peeing takes 10 seconds, then on average
   there are 7.6E6 * 3 * 10 sec / 86400 sec = 2.6E9 or **more than 2
   million people peeing each moment in time.**

   Further assuming during those 10 seconds, each person is peeing 0.2 L,
   the resulting stream is 2.6E6 * 0.02 L/sec = 5.2E4 L/sec or
   approximately **52 cubicmetres per second.**

   With Earth's mean temperature of about 15 degC, and the temperature of
   the human body at about 37 degC, resulting in a difference of about 20
   K, and assuming pee has the same density of 1000 kg/m3 and specific
   heat of 4.2 kJ/kg/K as water, this represents a thermodynamic power of
   52 m3/sec * 20 K * 4.2 kJ/kg/K * 1000 kg/m3 = 4.4E6 kJ/sec = 4.4E9
   J/sec i.e **over 4 Gigawatt** -- about twice the installed power of the
   [1]Aswan hydroelectric power plant in Egypt.



   1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aswan_Dam