Diagnosis Some time ago,I

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/xmanmonk/2019-03-28-a.txt

                             Diagnosis #2

Some time ago, I had an official diagnosis (I'm talking about the
brain now, not all the other stuff). In fact, I think I have it here
in my office somewhere. Hold on, lemme look...

Okay, I'm back. Found it. I'm somewhat notoriously anal about keeping
files on things. I mean, I actually have a file on "Gastrointestinal
Issues." That's a whole other story.

Anyway, this is my bus pass file. I have a disabled bus pass... wait,
that doesn't sound right. I mean, the bus pass works fine, but it's
for disabled people. On that form, my psychologist diagnosed me as
"schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders," etc. I've been
told that I have dissociative identity disorder as well, but that's
not on paper.

I got another written diagnosis from the psychiatrist today. This one
is slightly different. It lists schizophrenia as well as generalized
anxiety disorder. Then it gives a little detail: paranoia, delusions,
increased anxiety, poor stress tolerance, and depressed mood.

So, while I'm being treated by my psychologist for dissociative
identity disorder, that's not mentioned anywhere in either of these
two diagnoses. There's the possibility that I imagined that, but
imagining someone telling me that would probably reinforce the
prognosis of dissociative identity disorder, because of neither
doctor mentioned it to me, then it was one of the three amigos. So, if
they're lying, then they're telling the truth. This falls under
delusions. And so I can't trust what I hear (which falls under
paranoia, I think). Both of those make me feel anxious, which I can't
stand (increased anxiety, poor stress tolerance {in that order}). And
to round out the group, all of that makes me depressed.

That's about right.