Catch Up s been a

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                               Catch Up

It's been a long time since my last update. I've been remiss, and I
apologize. So now, it's time to catch up.

Since we last met, I've had a birthday. I had a party with a few close
friends at Dickey's BBQ. Great place to eat. Their brisket is killer.

Yesterday was my last day of work. Nothing more for me to do. I
decided that I should spend most of today starting paperwork for
disability, unemployment, and all of that stuff.

I went to my psychologist's office to pick up some paperwork I'd left
there. It's an application for a disabled bus pass. She suggested I
get it, and she said she was willing to sign the forms, so I did.

When she handed me the forms today, she mentioned that she had never
formally diagnosed me. Since the form requires a diagnosis, she had to
diagnose me, and now has. My official diagnosis is as follows (taken
from the bus pass form): "In accordance with the Disability Evaluation
under Social Security publication, patient meets 12.03 - schizophrenia
spectrum and other psychotic disorders. Patient takes medication that
impairs his ability to drive and has perceptual disturbances that
impairs his daily functioning."

And there it is. I'm nuts. At least I have friends, most of whom
actually exist.