Easing Into Normalcy ve been

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                         Easing Into Normalcy

I've been on the new ADHD medication for over a week now at full dose.
It seems to be working, though I'm only slowly noticing benefits here
and there. I suspect more benefits will come with time. That's the way
it is with these things, or so I'm told. Psych meds sometimes take a
while to reach full efficacy.

During my last visit, the psychiatrist mentioned that I am still
taking a very small dose of the medication that treats hallucinations,
the schizophrenia drug. I'm not sure that I want to increase the
dosage just yet. For the most part, the auditory hallucinations have
stopped. There are still some visual ones. The three amigos are still
with me, albeit rather silent, which is fine. And I saw a huge spider
the other day in the bathroom. I think it wasn't real. Either that, or
the spiders are getting abnormally large around here, which is more of
a concern. I'm opting for not-real.

Tomorrow I will be visiting with my friend from the desert and the
woman who headed a study on my brain situation at the Univ. of
Alabama. They're going to take me to the psychiatrist, and we'll see
how the medication situation shapes up there.

I'm fairly certain that I have not yet written about my last visit to
the psychologist. I agreed to begin hypnotherapy, and we decided to
ease into it, starting with relaxation and guided visualization
sessions. During that session, I saw something very disturbing. It was
dark, sucking the light from around it. And then, for some strange
reason, I saw a frightened dingo. For the record, I have never seen a
dingo in real life, so I'm not sure how that got into my head, but
there is was.

The doctor said that there was something very dark inside, and that
this was going to take some time. I figured as much. Hope I didn't
scare her.