Pills for Pills I got

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                           Pills for Pills

I got the new medication and have been taking it for three days now.
So far, I've only noticed one side-effect, which is that I can't
sleep. The medication wires me like crazy. This is odd because it's
not supposed to be a stimulant, but it is certainly acting like one.

On the bright side, I already have a prescription for pills to help me
sleep. Taking that seems to make it easier for me to sleep. So, I'm
taking pills to counter the side-effects of other pills. Pills for

This new medication also requires me to "ramp up" to the full dose. At
present, I'm on the first tier. In two days, I go up to the second
tier, and then five days later, I'll (hopefully) be ready for the full

The question is, does this medication actually help me? I'm not sure
of the answer yet, but it seems that I'm better able to focus on
things, and that's been a key problem with my illness. There still
seems to be some cognitive impairment, but again, I'm only on the
starter dose, so perhaps that issue will resolve as I move toward the
full dose.

Better living through chemistry.