What A Drag It Is

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                    What A Drag It Is Getting Old

There are up days and down days. It's not a sinusoidal cycle, but
seems to be influenced by other things: stress, weather, etc.
Yesterday I awoke and my back went out. It happens. I have scoliosis,
and you can just simply move in the wrong way, and that's it for the
next few days. I immediately took two Tramadols. I don't always take
it when my back goes out, but I can usually tell how severe it's gonna

My back pain yesterday really tired me out. At work, someone commented
that I looked tired, and then noticed my eyes. "You're high, aren't
you?" I laughed and said, "Pain pills. Yeah."

Once the drug starts to wear off, I get hot, itchy, and I get the
munchies really bad. On the way home from work I had a double
cheeseburger, a chicken sandwich, fries, onion rings, three drinks,
and then had dinner when I got home.

This morning, there's more back pain, and I took more pills. However,
I'm not as tired as I was yesterday. In fact, I'm kinda wired. Part of
that could be that I'm still waiting on a renewal of my prostate
pills, so I haven't had those in a few days. Getting old sucks.

And so I sat in Yummy Donut this morning eating my bacon, egg, and
cheese croissant, my orange juice, a donut, and a smoothie (I
apparently still have the munchies), contemplating things as they are.
The doctor has said that my back will get worse and I will end up in a
wheelchair eventually. I'm okay with that, as long as I have
medication, which they have now taken away from me due to an imaginary
epidemic, so I've had to get them from... another source.

And my psychiatrist has said that my psychological condition will get
worse without treatment, and that the treatment probably won't
eliminate the symptoms, but just keep things at bay. Once I get my
medication. And the insurance people are fighting over that now. So
I'm not getting treated.

And I'm staring at a sign with atrocious grammar that says, "Have a
Tasty!" I'm waiting for the rest of the sentence. And, in terms of my
health, both physical and mental, I'm also waiting for the rest of the