The other decided to try can

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			  Filly Cheese Steak

The other day, I decided to try a can of Campbell's Soup. It's been a
they've come up with many new products in several new lines.

anything in this soup is not legally edible. And, by all accounts,

Let's begin with the word "Chunky." This soup does indeed have
chunks. For some reason, I expected those chunks to be either cheese
or, more preferably, steak. Campbell's decided to add chunks of

Now for the "Philly-Style." It is clear from tasting this soup that
the fine folks at Campbell's have never been to Philly. In fact, the
only reason I can think that the word "Philly" is on the can is
of small horses. It's possible. It really didn't taste much like beef.

The other possibility is that it is in the style of the city of
appetizing at all.

And finally, we get to "Cheesesteak," a joining of two words, neither
of which was properly represented in this can. I had trouble finding
any trace of cheese flavor, unless they're using a very unflavorful
cheese. But certainly, this did not contain the cheese used in Philly
cheesesteak sandwiches.

"Steak," I suppose, is technically true, assuming that the small,
leather-like strips of meat were from cows. If they were beef, they
n any sense.

unwelcome guest or a felon. Actually, feeding it to a felon could be
a violation of federal law, so maybe just unwelcome guests.