My boyfriend loves to listen to

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My boyfriend loves to listen to death metal. I'm more of an 80s rock
kind of guy, although I certainly listen to more recent rock as well
as some pop. But, I have never strayed into the death metal camp
until quite recently. I decided to give it a try. My results follow.

At first, I wanted to skip to the next track on every track. After
about half an album, I not only tolerated it, I seemed drawn into it.
The religious fundamentalists in the crowd may be apt to suggest that
the "devil's music" will do that do you, and that I was just showing
of being demonically possessed in the past, and so I will somewhat
entertain the possibility that it could happen via death metal music.

After reading the book "Music, The Brain, and Ecstasy" (highly
to more and more death metal can be described as occurring in at
least two places. First, I was listening at rather high volumes (I
think it would defeat the purpose to play death metal at anything
less than eleven on the Spinal Tap scale), and our ear mechanisms
tend to have something akin to an automatic gain control, where the
bone that normally rests on the tympanic membrane can pull away a
little. I think that this happened almost immediately (which is

Second, I think that our brain reacts mostly to "deltas" or changes
n stimulus. When a stimulus occurs over and over for a certain
better attention to the new changes. And this started to happen at
about the same time, roughly a half hour into the first album.

At about ten minutes into the second album, I decided that the albums
ndividual tracks. I started mixing the tracks together, removing
tracks that were to quiet, and creating 50-minute (approx.)
ndividual tracks that represented each album. At this stage I was
beginning to differentiate between tracks much better.

After the third or fourth group, I was able to differentiate between
a bit more difficult with most death metal. Now, I was able to
between artist.

Before the day was out, I could also discern roughly when in a band's
career they had recorded an album, by both recording quality and
musical cohesiveness.

before. I am a convert, even a death metal enthusiast. It's exciting
for me to find a new genre, because now I have a new world to explore.