There is new service at least

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/xmanmonk/2017-jul-13-a.txt

			    Back Door Man

There is a new service (at least I think it's new) where they send
you an e-mail in the morning with pictures of the mail (envelopes,
etc.) that you're going to get later in the day. Kind of a neat
your mail to a neighbor. There is a problem with it, however. I live
n a house with two other people. I signed up for the service and
being delivered, including my roommates' mail. That's kind of not
cool. Additionally, I'm not sure those images aren't being used for
nefarious purposes. In fact, I'm fairly certain they are. But I'm

ago. As I got home from work, the postal carrier was at my door
looking over the mail.

A few moments later, a neighbor was at my door. One of my packages
company I had contacted for work reasons. Our company is going to

t's strawberry flavored.