buy one of those people who

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			      Prime Day

buy it. I'm one of those people who resist something the more you try
to push me into it. Like New Coke, or the Mormon church. Or prime.

And I've gone to Amazon today to check out the "deals." All the great
my living room. Come to think of it, I don't even have a living room.
Or a TV. I've looked over the site today at anything I might need.
Nothing. But the clincher was when I decided to look at the items on
my shopping list (my wish items, even though it's not on the wish
list, because those things get deleted after a while -- Amazon
electronically dashing your wishes and hopes). One of the items on my
list was discounted for prime day. Forty cents off. Seriously. So...
no. No echo. No Alexa. No prime for me.

until fairly recently. And now, I find human behaviour (of which I
carefully exclude my own) rather interesting. So, I'm curious. What
makes someone go ape-shit over minimal savings on things they want,
or large savings on shit they don't really want? What makes them
think they're really getting a great deal?

others. Marketing.

My dad was a management consultant. He touted the importance of
marketing to us when we were young. I would say, "It sounds like
you're talking about lying." He'd get angry. No, it's not lying! It's

So, after years of his training, I've confirmed. Marketing is lying.
you'll find those sentences now ring truer than before. Kind of like

And now I have found myself doing SEO for the company websites. In
other words, I'm working in marketing. Lying. I get paid for it, and

Happy Prime Day.