Within the past been new rider

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			     Vasoline Man

Within the past week, there's been a new rider on the bus going to
clothing. What I mean is, everything seemed to have "New York"
emblazoned on it. Since I don't live in New York, and this isn't a
New York bus, I figured he must be from New York.

He caught my attention because he was clearly having a conversation
to either his reflection or someone he must have seen out there. He

During his conversation, he took out a jar of Vasoline and started
arms, and to the face. When I got off the bus, he was still having

The next day, he wore all "Canada" clothing. Apparently, he's a world
traveler. Or his clothier is. Out came the Vasoline, and he got busy.
He wasn't talking to his friend this time, but rather nodding while
eating a banana. Perhaps he was listening intently to his friend.
Hard to say, but I can relate.

And the next day, and the next. Clothing from different parts of the

This morning was the same (I think we were back to Canada). I
listened to The Beatles White Album on my headphones (I'm old), and
t dawned on me: what if I'm imagining him?

Oh shit.