iBurrow evolves iMarch iBig thanks

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iBurrow evolves
iMarch 06th, 2018
iBig thanks to christyotwisty [0] for daring to be the first person
ito dive into the world of burrow with me. It was fun getting her
iup and running and I picked up a few todo items as a result. She's
iusing burrow on the SDF cluster, which comes with a couple
icomplications. Still, I think we managed to get everything running
ipretty quickly.
iSome notes from the experience:
i  SDF Specific Stuff
i  - SDF umask settings are weird by default. Had to change those
i    to 022 to get her posts to show up automatically.
i  - PATH variables are also lacking by default. I carry my
i    dotfiles with me from system to system so I hadn't noticed. We
i    couldn't run "source" at one point because of it, though.
i  Burrow Specific Stuff
i  - Christy wants to add categories to her phlog. My phlog action
i    in burrow currently assumes a single directory and posts over
i    time or alphabetically (if you're weird). I'll have to think
i    about how best to add category support, or maybe tags? Hmm...
i  - There were some pain points in updating burrow when not
i    cloning the repo and using git commands. This led me to add a
i    new action to burrow: update-burrow.
i    "burrow update-burrow" will attempt to auto-update the
i    application. If you are running it from a local folder that is
i    a git repo, it'll pull the latest version of the repo. If you
i    have it in a local non-repo folder it will attempt to use cURL
i    to update each of the files in that directory that start with
i    "burrow" (the app, man page, and bash-completion). If you have
i    installed the app with "sudo make install" you'll need to run
i    "sudo burrow update-burrow" to update the app. It will not
i    update the man page or bash-completion, though... just the
i    app. If it gets a lot of use I may try to make it smarter and
i    update more, but for now it's a good-enough feature.
i    Oh, since it's sorta dangerous (as in it could break your
i    burrow install) I prompt for confirmation on this one.
i  - We needed to update the configuration file a bunch while
i    getting started. Remembering where that is can be confusing
i    for new users so I added another action: edit-config.
i    "burrow edit-config" will open up your configuration file. If
i    you don't have one it spits out a warning for now. I'll
i    probably have that prompt to create one instead in the future.
i    Perhaps that would be a good addition when I add the burrow
i    menu interface. For now, good enough.
iThanks again to christyotwisty. I'm looking forward to more phlog
iposts from you.

[0] christyotwisty