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 Tax season
 2020.02.05 21:55:02 CET
 It's tax season again. I made the final tax payment for 2019 and now
 have to prepare all my documents to submit the calculation to the tax
 authority. This is a boring process - it should be a pretty simple
 process given I have a single source of income, but that source
 actually pays in cash and equity. Equity in the US, in US Dollars.
 This complicates the whole thing.
 Oh and 2019 was the first year in which the tax authority instead of
 paying me back my tax credits (what I overpaid in 2018) just used it
 as credits for future taxes. I think I might have overpaid again and
 will try to adjust it in 2020.
 Until 2019 all my taxes were paid at source - meaning I never go to
 see the money, my employers paid the tax authorities directly, little
 by little, month by month. This will be the second year that I get
 paid gross monthly salaries and have to make a single payment (well
 actually two) for the whole year. So I see all that money
 accumulating during the year and then have to say goodbye in a single
 transaction. This makes paying tax a lot more explicit. It's painful.
 It's not revolting only because here I can see what taxes are paying
 for. If I were in a country where corruption and misuse of public
 money are common I would be livid. It's easy to understand why many
 governments are not in favor of this model of tax payment.