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 Now it's copyright
 2020.01.12 20:29:17 CET
 Yesterday I posted about Dennett's article about moral and ethics of
 murder and AI [0]. Today I was sent this interesting news piece about
 copyright protection of content produced by artificial
 intelligence [1].
 On one hand it seems pretty obvious we shouldn't be prejudiced
 against different forms of intelligence, including artificial ones.
 So it shouldn't surprise the granting of such protection over
 intellectual property.
 On the other hand, it scares me that the distinctions are slowly
 getting blurred. I may be too pessimistic about this subject,
 paranoid even. Call me an "AI prepper".
 [0] gopher://sdf.org/1/users/sysdharma/phlog/./2020.01.11
 [1] https://www.ecns.cn/news/2020-01-09/detail-ifzsqcrm6562963.shtml