What future is being manufactured C

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 What future is being manufactured today?
 2019.12.22 13:53:51 CET
 I'm watching the Century of the Self [0] documentary which was
 recommended by someone (sorry whoever you are, I can't recall).
 It does an amazing job of deconstructing and showing the origins of
 many things taken for granted in many societies today. One of the
 ideas which were intentionally developed and burned into the
 Zeitgeist is the notion that democracy can only exist in a capitalist
 society. That these two things can only exist together, democracy and
 capitalism. I don't think one needs to demonstrate how this idea is a
 basic premise these days.
 But I don't want to talk about this idea in itself, but actually
 about how these basic premises and truths can be manufactured and
 intentionally built by actors who wish to shape society. And more
 specifically ask what ideas are being constructed as basic truths
 Computers are necessarily the way forward?
 AI can solve problems better than non-artificial intelligence?
 Online and connected are better than offline and disconnected?
 Networks value more than individual nodes?
 Commoditized data?
 [0] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0432232/