An update on Bullet Journaling CET

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 An update on Bullet Journaling
 2019.12.18 20:24:44 CET
 I posted recently about giving the Bullet Journal method a try. I got
 a paper notebook, prepared like pretty much like the book said, but I
 did not have the time to finish reading the book. I wonder if I'm
 missing out something from the last chapters.
 Overall I like the experience of using a paper notebook to keep track
 of my activities and priorities. It's easier to remember what I did
 one week ago. I find myself less distracted during meetings as well
 (no computer around to escape from the room).
 Thank you to all who sent emails with hints and tips, I'm now
 adapting the method to be my own.
 Oh, another thing which I haven't decided yet is which language to
 use. English makes it easier to log work related subjects and
 technical matters. Portuguese makes it easier to write (being my
 mother-language). So far I've gone with Portuguese, but I can't help
 leaking some English sentences here and there.