Resilient Xanadu CET Not long ago

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 Resilient Xanadu
 2019.11.17 15:21:58 CET
 Not long ago I posted about archiving vs. right to be forgotten [0]
 and recently tfurrows posted about content resiliency [1] prompting
 a response from tomasino [2] which touched on content derivation and
 how we can't predict what our current content will be used and mashed
 up by future users.
 Of course this reminded me of Ted Nelson's Project Xanadu [3].
 Xanadu has always interested me and I wish I knew more about it.
 Until recently very little was published about it (or at least made
 easily accessible) - I had looked for protocol definitions and so on,
 but didn't find good documentation. Apparently this is changing and
 the project's website has new content.
 Perhaps it's time to study it. Or just take the ideas as inspiration
 and build something new.
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