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 2019.10.22 20:54:23 CEST
 This week I noticed a colleague of mine doing some journaling during
 his work. I asked him to take a look at it, how he keeps his notes
 and I was amazed. He wrote down what seemed to be every single idea
 or question he had, then his investigations to validate the idea or
 answer the question. In the end, he had a document which clearly
 exposed his train of thought and all of the things he learned along
 the way.
 I wish I could do the same, but it feels so unnatural. It feels like
 it would break my flow, having to stop and take some notes. I asked
 him how he developed the skill and muscle memory, but he could not
 How about you? Do you keep work logs or journals? How detailed or
 granular are they? How did you develop and maintain the habit of
 keeping them?